RHR Expert Provides Executive and Engineer Search Services

CasqueRHR Expert has been providing Engineer and Executive Search Services for nearly 25 years.

If your company is expanding, in a venture or a turnover phase, you could be in in need for a strategic search of senior management, engineers to fill key positions.

Sometimes companies are seeking for the “hidden gem” that HR department can hardly find. Some other times projects require specific engineering skills.

If your management team is concerned about finding the right skills on time to meet performance targets; if recruiting becomes a high priority and you need an experienced team in specific areas, we can make a conference call and meet your team as well to explore solutions. Once our mandate launched you will always know exactly what stage of the process we are working.

RHR Expert has an experienced team in the field of recruitment for Executive and Engineering.


Pierre Dumas, M.Sc.
Recruitment Strategy Advisor

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